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Beans by Tracey Deer

In 1990. two Mohawk communities enter into a 78-day armed stand-off with government forces to protect a burial ground from developers. (1hr 32mins)

Initial release: September 13, 2020

Director: Tracey Deer

Cinematography: Marie Davignon

Awards: Canadian Screen Award for Best Motion Picture, Canadian Screen Awards - Claude Jutra Award

Screenplay: Tracey DeerMeredith Vuchnich

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"Capacity" - Marlee Archer     

(6:47mins, Short Film, United States)

Calen, a queer black woman, navigates her inner turmoil,

anxiety and worldly external forces while receiving guidance

from her ancestor Dula to seek and find her fearlessness. She

realizes she's always had the power within to conquer her fears,

and find her brave future.

"All Tomorrow's People" - Jivensley Alexis

(14:50mins, Short Film,United States)

Lingering feelings start to reveal themselves when two friends

reunite after some time apart. However, things take a

strange turn after an unexpected visitor arrives.

"Disconnected" - Eno Enefiok

(2:33mins, Animation, United Kingdom)

'Two kindred souls meet on a bus and fail to connect.'

"Kibombo jumps in Capital City" - Alejandra Chacón Gallardo

(1:20mins, Animation, Mexico)

One day, Leonardo and Valentina found a mysterious

door; they dare to cross it. Inside the house, they

meet Kibombo: a fantastic character, who helps them to

discover the power that lays in questions, and the strength to

accept their fears and desires. With wisdom, humor, and

willingness to move forward, they face bullying, the absence

of a parent, and the ghost of illness within the family.

"Bobby" - Cortez Mack, Daniel Merrick

(9:12mins, Short Film, United States)

A story about a 40 year old black man

suffering from mental illness.

"Container" - Erin Hembrador, Quan Luong

(9:40mins, Short Film, Canada)

A group of Vietnamese nationals is making their way to an

unknown location in a shipping container to find a better life.

Mai, a 16-year-old girl, connects with different passengers on

the journey to find out why they are risking everything. As

they get closer to the promised land, they are met with hunger

and desperation that would push them to the limit of human


"We Need To Talk About #TheVaccine" - Adrian Patterson

(7:00mins, Short Film, Canada)

A content creator tiptoes between political lines creating

viral videos to engage and enrage his audience.

"The Last Photo" - Mehmet Akif Guler

(19:58mins, Documentary, Turkey)

Abdullah Milhim is a photographer trying to announce by

photographing what is going on in the war zone, Syria to the

world. Once, he goes to photograph a just bombed region,

he sees an aged man inside the ruins. He is influenced deeply

by the situation of the aged man who is just standing and

crying while people are escaping and wounded are carried

in the chaos, and so he takes the man’s photo. 

"DaCapo" - Paolo Santamaria

(15:00mins, Short Film, Italy)

Giulia is taking piano lessons for an important concert, her

debut with Ludwig Van Beethoven’s «Moonlight Sonata»

no.14. Her days are punctuated by meticulous exercise,

manic routine and a constant pressure, embodied and strengthened

by her teacher and mentor, who encourages Giulia to give her

best with constancy and dedication, to commit more and more,

emphasizing her imperfections, staying faithful with his strict

teaching method.

"Experience That" - Leo Wange, Cheng Kai Kao

(3:59mins, Music Video, Taiwan)

“In the parallel universe, the working-me, chasing material life

and forget about time; In another universe, the relaxed-me, a blank

in my head, don’t know what month and year it is….” Leo’s lyrics use

multiple selves to express the idea of observing versions of himself.

The director Kai uses this idea, which metaphors his vessel as a

vehicle driving through the city, a suited Leo sitting in the back seat,

acting as his brain, seeing several versions of himself from the window view.

"Morfea - Childish Eyes" - Isabella Bofante

(3:42mins, Music Video, Italy)

Through images and music, "Childish Eyes" tells the story of a

teenage king who escapes from the palace (the Ursino castle) to

explore the outside world. Among the wooded paths of Etna

he comes across a young and charming woman, struck in turn

by the tender but provoking "childish eyes". 

"Maybe in a Thousand Years" - Malcolm Solomon

(3:20mins, Music Video, United States)

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"The Tendancy" - Mobin Pekand

(11:38mins, Short Film, Islam Republic of Iran)

It's about a lesbian girl who wants to leave the country in

an illegal way.

"The Hallway" - Babatunde Agunloye

(10mins, Short Film, Canada)

Anna is married but not happily. She struggles with

the possibility that her spouse (David) is having

an affair and how, her inability to balance her

emotions might lead to something much worse

than the actual affair. Tonight she must find out

the truth or else, give in to her dark side. The

only problem is her method is extreme and crude.

"Kill Your Masters" - Israel Ekanem

(7:12mins, Short Film, Canada)

"Anthesis" - Trivelle Simpson

(4:09mins, Music Video, Canada)

This is the music video for the instrumental song

"Anthesis" by postmoderndisco, a female music

producer and film composer from Toronto, Canada.

While the music is instrumental, the musical

language reflects a journey of growth and

blossoming. The video expands on this and tells

the story of a man's growth after a relationship

he held onto too tightly falls apart.

"The Face of a City" - Farhad Pakdel

(10:57mins, Documentary, Canada)

The stories of four Iranian families who emigrate

to Canada and the city they leave behind. As the

departure time approaches, social spaces turn into

places of memory, fading into the distance.

"The English Teacher" - Jeremy James Fokuoh

(11:15mins, Short Film, Canada)

English teacher Kofi Frimpong is starting classes

once again for immigrants at a local language school

in Toronto. Before starting the lesson, Taranjit

Bains interrupts him to ask where the instructor is.

Unsatisfied that Mr. Frimpong is teaching the class,

Taranjit does not return. This isn’t the first time

Mr. Frimpong’s legitimacy to teach the subject has

been questioned, but it eats away at him nonetheless.

"Woodpecker" - Fatemeh Askarpour

(1:40mins, Animation, Iran)

Humans who drown in social networks, feed on

each other's ruminants, but they never

experience satiety.

"Silence to Silence" - Daniele Gangemi

(4:15mins, Music Video, Italy)

The contrasts of a couple are metaphorically represented

by a duel of fencing, the so-called love skirmishes.

Only at the end will the dispute end and reveal the

faces of the two protagonists.

"Goltam" - Susanna Beltrami, Stefano fedalli

(4:08mins, Music Video, Iran)

Dance performance.

"Shelter" - Martin Ponferrada

(6mins, Animation, Australia)

During the height of the COVID-19 lock-downs,

performance artists from around the world

were asked to express the emotion of isolation

through dance.

"Black til I find Darker" - Azin Shariati

(1:52mins, Short Film, Iran)

A young woman sewing black shawl...

"Distant Cousins" - Winnifred Jong

(11mins, Short Film, Canada)

Distant cousins is a journey into Canadian-Chinese

culture centred around Trixie’s lost relationship

with her childhood friends and cousins, Joey and

Tommy. Through memories, dreams and flashbacks,

Trixie relives her childhood and realizes there were

many more things at play than her younger self


"Marco & Polo Go Round" by Benjamin Steiger Levine

(14mins, Short Film, Canada)

On the morning of his birthday, Marco

discovers the cake Polo has lovingly made and

left for him on the kitchen table. He also

notices that every object in the kitchen has

been battened down with tape and twine as if

to safeguard against an oncoming storm. What

begins as a beautiful morning for the young

couple takes a surreal turn when their world

literally falls apart around them.

A Delicate Mind

by Michelle Anglin, Quacy Rose

A woman reverts back to childhood

during a mental crisis.

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