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Panel Discussion - Diversity in Animation

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April 23, 2023

2:00pm (AST)

Authentic stories come from all over the place. We all have a story to tell, in our own voices. Sadly, a lot of these voices are marginalized not always getting the opportunity to be in the mainstream.


This panel will dive deep into the importance of seeing representation both behind the screen as well as on screen; from page to post. Gifted, talented and experienced animators will share their insights into developing a future of animation that is more inclusive, equitable and enriched.


Lanette Ware-Bushfield, CEO
A WWB Production, Inc.


Lanette is a London Academy graduate with a Bachelors of Art in Drama, has studied Cinematic Language at The Toronto Film School, is a licensed Red Cross Instructor, published writer, and certified basic Spanish teacher. Born and raised on Manhattan's Upper East Side, she was hired for her first commercial at age three, began studying piano at age six and violin at age thirteen. She is currently in development with co-producer Brain Power Studio on her original YA drama series SURVIVING GRACE, in demo production for her animated preschool series HONEYCAKE and in post-production on her full length feature: DIXON: PLAY. PAUSE. REWIND, a documentary about a 2SLGBTQ+ Muslim singer. Lanette’s life goal remains to help change narratives that shed light on marginalized communities who rarely see accurate depictions of themselves represented on screen.

Linda Manouan

VFX/Feature Animation Production Manager at Rodeofx

Masha Ellsworth (Character Technical Director, Pixar Studios)

Known for “Inside Out”, ”Up”, “Brave” and “Coco”

Seth Drost (Lead Animator, Copernicus Studios)

Known for "Teen Titans GO", "Denis and Me", "Care bears", "Kulipari"...


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Registration details coming soon...

Panel Discussion: "State of the Unions"
April 23, 2023  4:00pm (ADT)

Moderator: Tara L. Taylor  (Creative Producer I Writer I Actor I Chair; Union of Black Artists Society)

Join us for a discussion with extraordinary black film creatives to talk about what its like for them working on set as a person of color in the film industry unions!

Being Black in the film industry has its own unique set of issues. Acting on set, often the

lighting is unflattering to those with darker skin tones. The quantity of Black creatives in the union is a staggering low numbers.  


Crew is usually scarce when the above the line positions are filled by non-POC folk. We are given  less room for failure in any regard. From the writers room, to the creators, to the sound crew, representing Black creatives in film is sorely lacking. 

with Guest Panelists:

Christopher Bautista - Producer I Actor I Director

Jayde Tynes - Producer I Story Editor "Big Brother Canada"

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