"Our Dance of Revolution" - by Phillip Pike
2020 Trailers

"Secreto"- Valérie Gervais-Lillo

Maude is a 19-year-old woman who after 6 months of absence returns to visit her grandparents in the Anjou city district. Maude now lives in Quebec City since moving to an apartment to continue her studies. During her visit to her childhood neighborhood, she will find the opportunity to free herself from what has always been unavoidable.

MLK JR. BLVD follows the life of a young artist and music lover De'Andre. De'Andre is dealing with the lost of his dad who was a police officer killed in the line of duty but he held resentment towards his father for working for a system he feels oppresses people. De'Andre's mom is also dealing with loss but sees things from a different perspective than her son who expresses his distrust for the system through his art.


Westbound / Eastbound is a multicultural, experimental, 16mm dance film.

Zoo, A misunderstanding between three juveniles and a troubled man escalates to a point of no return.


Dia de la Carpas, A little girl escapes deportation by becoming a mermaid. After an immigration raid in their apartment building, a group of boys help an undocumented girl get to the beach to reunite with her family, unaware that their new friend has a magical secret that will change their lives forever.

Ayiti - The Awakening, A young man is driven to find his Ancestral roots and the trouble history of Ayiti after discovering no real relief efforts was made in the aftermath of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake.

Don't Ever Change, When a young girl, Anna, abruptly discovers a truth about her secretive lover, she is forced to decide between reality and delusion. Don’t Ever Change highlights the realization that truth is inevitable, change is not.