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"8:37 - Rebirth" - Directed by Juanita Peters
2022 Trailers
The Reckoning
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"846"- Charles Andrews

846 is the story of two men who cross paths on a day they at will change their lives forever. Dr. Marcus Mann, an established lung surgeon, but an ordinary guy , has the best and worst day of his life. He’s getting married and he has the opportunity to save a young boy’s life. Officer Chad Cummins is new to the force and is in training for the LAPD, Today he and his wife got the news they have been hoping for ; They are finally approved with a highly recommended specialized doctor to perform the emergency transplant for their young son, whose been adversely affected by COVID 19. Both men, similar settings in life are about to cross paths on what will be a life changer and a day they will never forget.

"Beans  - by Tracey Deer

Inspired by true events, BEANS is about a Mohawk girl on the cusp of adolescence who must grow up fast and become her own kind of warrior during the armed stand-off known as the 1990 Oka Crisis.

Synopsis of films
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"BOXEADORA / BOXER"- Oldren Angel Romero

A young woman, sad, full of hatred and with many doubts, has only one objective, to erase the past that is present in each punch she gives in her life.

"New Life" - Jermaine Coles

In this short film, there is one story line that is told using multiple decades of time: 1865, 1935, 1968, 1977, and 2022. The plot is centered around forbidden love that turns into rekindled fire once the two are reunited . Things seems to be going well until the woman entertains the attention of another in the man's absence.

The man is consumed with anger and resentment after confronting the woman. Unable to fight off negative emotions, the man also gives into temptation and infidelity. After realizing that holding on to bitterness is like drowning alone at sea, the man "sees the light." The two them find redemption through the power of forgiveness.


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"On The Fence" - Paula Ner Dormiendo

“On The Fence” follows several intertwined conversations with a group of multicultural individuals and their struggle with identity.

"Shelter" - Martin Ponferrada

Born in the provinces of Central Philippines, Martin Ponferrada was brought to Australia in the early 90s by his parents. While studying, he worked as a red carpet cameraman and upon graduation wrote and directed several spec scripts and self-financed indies which have been screened at festivals all over the world. Accomplishments include a first place genre prize at the StoryPros Awards, the Grand Prize at the California Film Awards, second runner-up at the Domani Visionfest and more. “Shelter” represents Martin‘s second creative endeavour into animated filmmaking.

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"Silence to Silence" - Daniele Gangemi

The contrasts of a couple are metaphorically represented by a duel of fencing, the so-called love skirmishes. Only at the end will the dispute end and reveal the faces of the two protagonists.

"The Hallway" - Babatunde Agunloye

Anna is married but not happily. She struggles with the possibility that her spouse (David) is having an affair and how, her inability to balance her emotions might lead to something much worse than the actual affair. Tonight she must find out the truth or else, give in to her dark side. The only problem is her method is extreme and crude.

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"The Last Photo" - Maureen OConnell

Abdullah Milhim is a photographer trying to announce by photographing what is going on in the war zone, Syria to the world. Once, he goes to photograph a just bombed region, he sees an aged man inside the ruins. He is influenced deeply by the situation of the aged man who is just standing and crying while people are escaping and wounded are carried in the chaos, and so he takes the man’s photo. At the very moment, aircraft noise is heard and a bomb is dropped near them. After that day, Abdullah starts looking for his last photo, a new arm and his future.

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"Victim" - Yongjia Huang, Yeni Chen

An innocent lady was framed in an unthinkable way after she had been stolen by a thief. Everything happened in three minutes only.

"We Need to Talk about the Vaccine"  - Adrian Patterson

A content creator tiptoes between political lines creating viral videos to engage and enrage his audience.

"We Don't Need Your Kind" - Kennedy Kao

Set during the pandemic, Sara - an Asian-Canadian Youtuber - finds a slur spray painted on her door. Searching for solutions, Sara realizes an action that deals with the slur in an impactful way.

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