"Rustic Oracle" - by Sonia Bonspille Boileau
2020 Trailers

"Sebastiana"- Cláudio Martins

In a small and poor village in the interior of Brazil, a girl is born with a special gift that brings happiness to everyone. But when she grows it ends up bringing problems for many. A film adapted from the award winning book "Ela tem olhos de céu" by Socorro Acioli.

"Not Black Enough  -Jermaine Manigault

A young African-American male struggling to find his identity within the Black community meets a persuasive relic of the past.


"An Uninvited Guest"- Richard B. Pierre

Three White people and one Black man wordlessly enjoy dinner while in the front yard a dishevelled Black man is brutally assaulted by police. The sounds of his suffering seem to only momentarily distract these strange people from their meal. However, as events outside escalate, one of the guests, the Black man, grows increasingly anxious. As his demeanour changes from numb to responsive, the people around him grow uncomfortable. Moments later, a police offcers shows up and in a wordless interaction, he singles out the Black man for detention. He is placed in a police car but on the way to the station he senses something sinister is about to occur and he escapes but not for long...

"Artist in Black" - Documentary 

Artist in the Black is a documentary short that speaks to the experience of an African Nova Scotian circus artist of mixed heritage (trained in Montreal, QC) and the need for more access, representation and inclusion within the arts in Canada. An aerial straps performance piece, “Dualing Roots” is included in the documentary in its entirety. The theme of the piece speaks to the need to centre ourselves and to embrace the wisdom imparted to us by our ancestors. Through wisdom and understanding, we are able to shine a light on oppressive forces and negative experiences to help bring about positive systemic change.


"Dad" - Mohamamd Keivanmarz

A young boy tries to attract his father's attention who is in a depression.

"From..." - Sepideh Yadegar   

This visual and musical feast sets the table for rich conversations about identity, belonging, creative expression, cultural appreciation + appropriation, and the complex terrain between intent, impact, and personal responsibility. Though Kim Villagante’s (aka Kimmortal) journey into the heart of who they are, and ‘what they love’ is doubtlessly unique, this story will deeply resonate with many 2nd generation immigrant youth. This short’s candid portrayal of the push/pull between adolescent pressures to conform, and ‘stand out’ also offers widely relatable gems of wisdom that can help us all along the way.


"Good Love" - Gary Beals

"Good Love" is a documentary film of a collection of conversations surrounded around love. In an intimate sit down, each participant discusses their own personal perspectives on the complexity of love. Ranging from 5-year Kiera to 84-year-old Gaytri and everyone in between, "Good Love" is a reminder of the beauty of love as Gary Beals and team sit down with everyday people who give us hope that the world is a much better place when we contribute to giving just a little bit more love. (Set against the backdrop of Gary Beals song "Good Love")

"Trandafirul lui Buni (Grandma's Rose)" - Roxana Baloiu

Director Roxana Baloiu's personal reflection on the loss of her grand-mother’s mind to Alzheimer’s. A deeply personal tale of longing, loss and regret. A love letter from a grand-daughter to a grand-mother.

Student Film made at Concordia's Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema in Montreal.

"Hum" - Maureen OConnell

Following a heated discussion with his partner, Tim seeks refuge in an empty gallery space. He prays for silence and solitude. However, his prayers are ignored, as gallery regular Cecil takes him on an abstract journey of interaction and appreciation.

"No Justice, No Peace" - KhaRa Azania Martin

No Justice No Peace is a short film about police brutality within the Black community and how over 40 years later we as a community are still facing the same problems. It takes the underbelly of the 1978 Buddy Evans protest and puts it with the faces of Black youth of today. This film reflects on how the pain of our ancestors still affects us. Nothing has changed.

"The Lonely Prince" - Shivin, Sunny

A lonely Prince, drowning in melancholy, invites a Sculptor to his court to create a piece of art just for him. As the Sculptor spends his days chiselling away on a block of marble, the Prince too discovers a new side of himself, for a brief moment forgetting the world of solitude that surrounds him.

"The Mask" - Saba Ghasemi

I don’t think that adults can see correctly behind their masks.

"Love in Transition" - Isioro Tokunbo Jaboro 

"Love in Transition stars lead actress "Michelle (TÖME) Akanbi" as (KANDIS) a Canadian tour guide and rising star singer who crosses path with the lead actor "Gabriel Olaifa" starring as (OBI), an immigrant from Africa, brought together by the force of nature, only to have their faith tested when faced with the prospect of losing each other through no fault of theirs."