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Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

April 19, 2023 - 6:30 PM
subjects of desire poster.jpg
Subjects of Desire

(1hr 41 mins- Canada) - Jennifer Holness

Synopsis: Explores the cultural shift in North American beauty standards toward embracing Black female aesthetics and features, while exposing the deliberate, and often dangerous portrayals of Black women in the media.

Best Feature Film - Black Harvest Film Festival

Top 10 Audience Award - Hot Docs

Cultural Spirit Award - New Hope Film Festival

Best Documentary - DC Black Film Festival

DOXX Award for Best Documentary - Tallgrass Film Festival

Best Documentary - San Francisco Black Film Festival

Best Documentary - CineFAM Film Festival

Canada’s Top 10 Films - Toronto International Film Festival

Screenshot 2023-04-10 104550_edited.jpg
Dewie Decides

 (2mins - Canada) - Jasmine Wongus

Animation - Dewie is faced with a decision to make friends or not

You People - Zamani Folade.png
You People

 (7mins - Canada) - Zamani Folade

Zamani's composition and production of a tribute to Viola Desmond.

The Shell Im in.png
The Shell Im in

 (8mins - Canada) - Carna Morton

“The Shell I‘m In” is an animated story of racial discrimination. The story is animated with Brown & White Eggs using past and present historical facts to depict the racism, inequality and injustice that has affected people of color for decades. I was inspired to do this animated story with the hopes of educating and inspiring others to incorporate and motivate change.

Delmore Buddy Daye Learning Center

April 20, 2023 - 6:30 PM
A Walk in the Sun

Tobi Flemming / Israel Ekanem 

(Canada - 9mins)

An interracial couple sees the struggle of their story mirrored in a painting as they try to find their way together across their racial divide.

Poster 1176d7a95c-poster.jpg

Iyore Edegbe (Canada, 13mins)

Diaspora is a forced coming-of-age story about a young Nigerian immigrant who attempts to save her family in a brand new world when a family vacation from her father turns out to be an escape from him

Poster c99fb1e8b1-poster.jpg
Hand Me Down Christmas

 Victor Dean 

(United States, 4min)

Hand Me Down Christmas is a heartfelt story of a boy's annual trip to his grandmother's job that they turn into their own holiday.

You People - Zamani Folade.png
You People

Zamani Folade 

Zamani's composition and production of a tribute to Viola Desmond.

Joseph- A story and a Song - robin cunningham.jpg
Joseph: A Story and a Song

 Robin Cunningham

(Canada, Short Film, 20mins)

From pit to palace clothed in the remnants of her dignity.

Poster 68fe15d673-poster.jpg
"The Rise of Afro Beats in the Prairies

Ivan Touko, Fahad Suleiman

(Canada, Short Film 20mins)

The documentary follows the journey of African creatives in Alberta, who find a sense of belonging and community through Afrobeats. It showcases their stories, as well as the growing popularity of Afrobeats in the Prairie region, highlighting the fusion of cultures and the essence of immigration in Canada.

North Memorial Library

April 21, 2023 - 6:30 PM
Poster e5cbd9fed3-poster.jpg
Dead Water

kamran mohammadi, sahar mirzaeianfar

(Iran, 9mins,Short Film)

The story is about a lesbian couple. One Iranian and the other Afghan. The Iranian government wants to execute them for the crime of homosexuality. They are forced to leave the country to escape the execution, but through the forest.

Poster 0098017883-poster.jpg
Little T

Masha Ellsworth

(USA, Animation, 6mins)

Follow Alexis on the biggest day of her life - her dream job interview as an interior designer. She's armed with an impressive resume, design portfolio, and two trusted companions: her "inner critic" and "inner child." Join Alexis on a journey through the origins of comfort food, as she uncovers new depths to herself and her abilities, and finds the courage to showcase her potential in the interview. Can Alexis overcome obstacles and land her dream job?

Poster 9edf14cdfc-poster.jpg

Gianfranco Fernández-Ruiz

(USA, Short Film, 14mins)

Basketball connects Jerome to his long-absent father, though not in the ways he wishes. As he struggles to accept his family’s shortcomings, Jerome questions who he and who he'll become. .

Poster 4fe140bd1c-poster.jpg
The Bloom

Jody Xiong

(USA, Short Film, 5mins)

For the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Paralympic held at the bird’s nest in Beijing , Chinese artist Jody Xiong was invited by Chief Director Zhang Yimou to create a technologically-powered art installation called ‘The Bloom’. The project brought together 12 disabled people around an 8-meter wide, circular canvas to create a colorful smiley face by detonating paint-filled balloons using the power of their minds. It is a tech and art experiment, an expression of the strength of the disabled. This short film really records the process of the experiment.

Poster 55d8dc072b-poster.jpg
Silent Killer: You are What you CAN'T Eat

Ashley DeLeon

(USA, Short Film, 10mins)

The diabetes epidemic in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx, NY has escalated in recent years. Poverty and lack of access to fresh foods have exacerbated the severity of health complications, and new medications that would benefit these communities are costly and not covered by insurance. This short documentary features diabetic patients and doctors with expertise in treating these communities, whilst discussing preventative measures to slow the rapid incline of diabetes.

Poster 8095fb9a4d-poster.jpg
One Date

Andrew "King Bach" Bachelor

(USA, Short Film, 6mins)

One date can lead to love or disaster

What was Albert Up Against

Shiquawn "Queezy" Downey

(Canada, Documentary, 10mins)

This film is about a son extending a hand to his father in hopes of learning more about the man with whom he shares DNA, and, by extension, he hopes to learn more about himself. Being one of 27 children, Shiquawn seeks to understand his place in this genetic quilt.

Poster 3ab655af78-poster.jpg
The Reflections of Francica Newman

Jon Frenkel Garcia

(United States, Short Film, 15mins)

In this cinematic fairytale, Francisca Newman, a psychologically disturbed ballerina, fails at her life audition. Her perfectionism starts to take a noticeable toll on her mental health, where in a world of passion and beauty, sensibility and enlightenment becomes darkness. In this increasingly violent and surreal competition at the hands of her own reflection, a familiar voice starts talking to her as an old forgotten friend. A voice that takes her on a journey through her own memories in order to find herself, before her reflection becomes a stranger.

Black Cultural Center

April 22, 2023 - 6:30 PM
Jacket of Blue

 Obediya Jones-Darrell

(Canada, Short Film, 10mins)

Set in the golden era of rail, Jacket of Blue is based on a play with music by Obediya Jones-Darrell about the struggles faced by Black train porters in the 1920’s. With original music inspired by Ragtime, Jazz, Folk, Gospel, and Broadway traditions, the story follows a dignified and conflicted porter who must face the best and worst humanity has to offer during a journey across generations that transcends culture. Based on historical research this production shares a story about the Pullman Porters who traveled from coast to coast during Canada’s Golden Age of Rail. A precursor to the civil rights movement & labour unions, the Porters struggle for dignity and self-sufficiency inspired the generations who followed them.

Photo 6 B3ADAB63-0939-467A-9E9D-0009AF5BB80F.jpg

 Crystal Rose (Canada, Short Film, 10mins)

When Marissa’s work-from-home day is interrupted by unexpected visitors, secrets unravel to reveal her true motives. Inheritance, the short film, is based off of the struggle between homeowners and squatters. What is legally permissible through squatter laws in the US and Canada has made it possible for squatters to gain legal entitlement to stay on property owned and paid for by homeowners. ​ Through learning of homeowner’s worst nightmares- the squatters that appeared as well-meaning renters, eager parties seemingly selling a home, or even home organizers being paid to accomplish a project, “Inheritance” was inspired by these real events and a love for thrillers. This is the story of a fictional character, Marissa - a woman who competes to secure her perceived inheritance with a calculated plan to overtake her parent’s property. She slyly advances after her father falls ill and moves away for an early retirement. Her plans are challenged when the new homeowners arrive with their own plan.

Poster abdbfbeb3c-poster.jpg
Motivational Music - I Been There

Randon Wright

(Canada, Music Video, 5mins)

Myself in the Mirror

 Randon Wright

(Canada, Short Film, 7mins)

Coming to terms with ones mental health is the first step in acquiring the correct help. Come on a journey of self-discovery in an attempt to save oneself.

GLIMPSE poster.png

Mark Daye Jr.

(Canada, Documentary, 7mins)

Glimpse is a labor of love. It was created by Mark Daye JR other wise known as R2DAYE23D productions. as part the free film program that was conducted at i MOVE Arts Association in collaboration with NSCAD. A juxtaposition between a CBC 1962 interview and current views of the public in Halifax. Its a conversation around the topic of the deep rooted racism that exist here and views around the topic, giving a unique GLIMPSE of the general populations view on the black experience in Halifax. CBC June 24, 1962 Close-up: Figure Your Colour Against Mine.

Rambo and Ms. Deb

Downey Roberts

(Canada, Documentary, 10mins)

This film is a conversation between Ms. Deb, a community elder and an OG, and Rambo, a young man with two feet in the streets and one hand reaching for a more stable life. Although unrelated by blood, Rambo and Ms. Deb have found family and trust in one another.

what was Albert Up Against poster.png
What was Albert Up Against

Shiquawn "Queezy" Downey

(Canada, Documentary, 10mins)

This film is about a son extending a hand to his father in hopes of learning more about the man with whom he shares DNA, and, by extension, he hopes to learn more about himself. Being one of 27 children, Shiquawn seeks to understand his place in this genetic quilt.

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