October 07, 2020  -  6:30pm - Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
"Beyond Curls & Kinks" - Osas Eweka-Smith


Beyond Curls & Kinks follows a group of women who are challenging beauty standards and empowering each other and the next generation to embrace their coily kinky curly hair. The film explores the complex relationship they have with their Afro-textured hair and issues such as self-esteem, confidence and identity and challenges society to see women and girls beyond their curls & kinks. (Canada)

"Breathless” - Deneka Thomas

Breathless is about an asthmatic who’s over the pandemic and is tired of people, who most likely never had to deal with the torment of having a respiratory disease, complain about having to wear masks when it feels like he’s had to wear one all of his life. The new normal doesn’t feel very new to him. It is a metaphor for the things we endure for our collective survival.

"Virus” - Vaidy Somasundaram

This is a story about a 8 year old boy thought process during lockdown period.

October 07, 2020  -  6:30pm 
October 08, 2020  -  6:30pm 

"Beyond Curls & Kinks"  - Osas Eweka-Smith (Canada)

"Breathless"  - Deneka Thomas  (Trinidad & Tobago) 

"Happy Birthday"  - Andre Anderson (Canada ) 

"Mancacioasa"   - Roxana Baloiu  (Canada) 

"Virus " - Vaidy Somasundaram  (India)


(Retrospective )

"Heart of Rhyme" – Cory Bowles   -  (Canada )

"In Season" – Shelley Fashan –  (Canada)

"What Happened to Esther" – Jenna Marks - Canada

"Sinclair Williams" – Pink Dog Productions  - Canada


Audience choice award ballot (during the Q&A)

Q & A with filmmakers 

“She is a Man, He is a Woman”  - Abes Borhan (Canada)

“1st Kings”  - Hilda Afrakoma (Canada)
“Products (A Manhandled Toy)” - Danissh Ali   (India)

“A Home for Curiosities”  - Ben Tobin (USA)



“Excuse me, may I touch your skin” – Asna Adhami (Canada)

“Evelina Upshaw” Pink Dog Productions (Canada)

“Carry the Cross “– Jarrett Shaw  (Canada)

Audience choice award ballot (during the Q&A)

Q & A with filmmakers 

October 9, 2020  -  6:30pm 

OPENING PERFORMANCE - Advocates of Truth

"My Tagalong" -  Jerry Wang  Animation  (Canada)

“Will I die Because I am Black?” - Christian Lee (USA)

“Lily's Hair” - Raphael Gustavo da Silva (Brazil)

“School Bell”  - B. Suresh Kumar  (India)

“Window of Life” - Kartnik Prasad  (USA)

"Beyond Curls & Kinks" - Osas Eweka-Smith (Canada)


"Mary & Myself" – Sam Decoste (Canada)

"Stroll" – Tara Lee Reddick – Directed by Ann Verrall (Canada)

"Stomping Ground" – Dave Ron (Canada)

"Soulfood Sundays" - Bernadette Reid - Hamilton (Canada)

"Handmarks – East Preston – D250" – Shortworks Productions (Canada)

“Outside” – Zamani Millar  (Canada) Winner of Best Music Video

“Somethings Gotta give” – Corey Writes (Canada) Winner of Best Music Video


Audience choice award ballot (during the Q&A)

Q & A with filmmakers