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April 20, 2022  -  6:30pm - Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
April 18
"8:37 Rebirth" (1hr 40 mins- Canada) - Juanita Peters

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Opening night performance:  House of Eights Dancers

Synopsis: Jared Peters and Sergei Radic, two youth from vastly different backgrounds become forever linked in a split second with the four pound trigger pull of a snub nosed 38. Twenty two years later, that single moment still reverberates when Jared Peter is released from prison for the death of Sergei’s father, a convenience store owner.


Deeply regretful, Jared tries to forge ahead into a better life and the art of his ancestors. Conversely, Sergei descends into an abyss of revenge driven obsession. As the story develops both men must face their sins and each other; where one man might lose his life while the other his sanity.

"Express Checkout” (5mins - Canada) - Santiago Guzman

Gabrielle went to the grocery store looking for marshmallows and true love. Did she find everything she was looking for?​​

April 21, 2022  -  6:30pm 

Opening performances:

Guyleigh Johnson  and  Lxvndr 

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"Lavender: A Lesbian Love Story"

Jordana Valerie Allen-Shim (Canada - 15mins)

By accepting a lavender marriage proposal, Joy risks her secret relationship, forcing her to choose between appeasing her family and true love.

"Welcome Addicts" - Emil Cheriyan (Canada, 13mins)

A dysfunctional support group is introduced to their latest addict, Vlad. The rest of the group gets into a heated discussion as to whether or not this addition was a great idea. Poor Diane, the group leader, tries to keep it all from falling apart while also trying to make Vlad feel welcomed.

Being Black in Halifax (Fabienne Colas Foundation)


"Washed Up" - Tyus McSween (Canada,10min)

Black Ice is a story of a young black man from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. In this story, a former hockey player who had potential of fulfilling his dreams as an NHL athlete, dealt with failure and disappointment in the sport he loved, along with complicated family issues constantly being brought to his attention. Finding him tackling a situation of identity, where who he wants to be is conflicted with the reality of who he is. Tyus, along with his family and friends, each explain their personal points of view of his life's ups and downs from an aspiring athlete to years of incarceration. Will his decisions lead him to a successful happy life? Or will failure push him to remain a victim of his own mind?

"Scratching the Surface" - Guyleigh Johnson

(Canada, Short Film, 10mins)

Scratching the Surface touches on the visibly invisible experience of mental health struggles within African Nova Scotian communities.

"Framework" - Deborah Castrill

(Canada, Short Film 9mins)

What does it mean to be fully seen? What is the value of sharing and holding space within one's community? These are the questions director Deborah Castrilli looked to explore in her short film Framework, which centres the queer black lens in Nova Scotia. Glimpse into the lives of Robert Wright, Chloé Bramble, and Amber Zaza, as they shed light on the nuances of the queer black experience, and share in conversation around spirituality, building community, and the dreams they have for the future.

"Finding A Way Out" - Jodell Stundon

(Canada, Short Film, 8mins)

A self portrait of Jodell's current life, how dealing with depression and incarceration, living a certain lifestyle brought him to a changing point. Through photography and videography he found his way out of a lifestyle and a system he felt he was trapped in.

"8:46" - Charles Andrews

(USA, Short Film,10mins)

846 is the story of two men who cross paths on a day they at will change their lives forever. Dr. Marcus Mann, an established lung surgeon, but an ordinary guy , has the best and worst day of his life. He’s getting married and he has the opportunity to save a young boy’s life. Officer Chad Cummins is new to the force and is in training for the LAPD, Today he and his wife got the news they have been hoping for ; They are finally approved with a highly recommended specialized doctor to perform the emergency transplant for their young son, whose been adversely affected by COVID 19. Both men, similar settings in life are about to cross paths on what will be a life changer and a day they will never forget.

"A Glimpse of Light and Shadow" - Israel Ekanem

(Canada, Short Film, 2mins)

A Glimpse Of Light And Shadow highlights that we are layered beings.

"Bobs" - Laurent Lavigne

 (USA, Short Film, 4mins)

A man embraces his repressed selves and becomes whole.

"Chasing God" - Kordeena Clayton

(Canada, Short Film, 10mins)

An artistic reenactment of Children running towards freedom, shot from their point of view.

"Happy Birthday Tara" - Alireza Sadeghi Moghaddam

(Iran, Short Film, 9:08mins)

A binary girl have to face a position she doesn't like.

"Connections" - Malik Headley

(Canada, Short Film, 1min)

The methods we use to communicate with each other make keeping connections easy, but it comes with a price.


Audience choice award ballot (during the Q&A)

Q & A with filmmakers 

April 22, 2022  -  6:30pm 

Opening performances:

Swaezi ft. Sam Was Here and Asia Sparks

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"Slave/Servant/Human" - Israel Ekanem 

(Canada, 4:42mins,Short Film)

Is Nova Scotia beautiful? Yes. Does Nova Scotia have a dark past? Yes.

"The Inner Me" - Savannah Rae Louise Gannon

(Canada, Music Video, 3:31mins)

Savannah is 16-year-old youth of mixed background born and raised in Nova Scotia. Savannah has a passion for the arts and how they can create social change. She works with a bunch of mediums to express her creativity such as illustration, painting, music and spoken word.

"A Delicate Mind" - Michelle Anglin, Quacy Rose

(USA, Short Film, 10mins)

A woman reverts back to childhood during a mental crisis

"A Conversation with E" -

Esabella anna karena strickland, Taylor Mitchell, Skylar A

(Canada, Short Film, 5mins)


When a girl playfully responds to a mysterious post-it note, she finds herself unable to escape the conversation she began... 

"Doze of Reality" - Wide Angle Youth Media

(USA, Short Film, 4:19mins)

Satire is a staple of the film industry, and provides powerful social commentary and uses humor to entertain audiences. Satire is the use of humor, irony, sarcasm to address something/someone. Public figures, such as politicians, are often the subject of satire, but satirists can take aim at other targets as well—from societal conventions to government policies.

"Night" - Ahmad Saleh

(State of Palestine, Animation, 15mins)

The dust of war keeps the eyes sleepless. Night brings peace and sleep to all the people in the broken town. Only the eyes of the mother of the missing child stay resilient. Night has to trick her into sleeping to save her soul.

"My Father, In Spite of..." - Lcharles Degreat

(Côte d'Ivoire, Short Film, 17mins)

An Afro Futurism/Fantasy, a father’s secret past threatens his beautiful relationship with his son.

"Maya" -  Jacquile Kambo

(Canada, Short Film, 14mins)

Maya, daughter of a successful painter, must sell her paintings in the art gallery in order to save her Father’s palette knife. When a harsh critic stands in her way, and her boyfriend betraying her trust, Maya must protect her one family memento - even if its murder.

"Working While Black" - Fateh Ahmed

(Canada, Documentary, 15mins)

A feature documentary film that explores the challenges the black community faces in the Canadian workplace.

"The Mis(RE)education of The Invisible Yet Furious Five"

Paul Daniel Torres

(Canada, Short Film, 8mins)

An experimental docu-horror-thriller that jumps between the real and fictional about decolonizing the educational system in Canada/surviving the trauma it has caused... that also ends in a music video. Starring 2021 Tiff Rising Star Emma Ferreira.

Audience choice award ballot (during the Q&A)

Q & A with filmmakers 

Rogers Square (Nova Court)
April 23, 2022 -  6:30pm 

Opening performance: Harmz

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"BOXEADORA / BOXER" - Oldren Angel Romero

(Cuba, Short Film, 8mins)

A young woman, sad, full of hatred and with many doubts, has only one objective, to erase the past that is present in each punch she gives in her life.

"We're All the Same" - William Wayne

(USA, Music Video, 4mins)

"We Are All The Same" is the closing song from this year's 2022 GRAMMY NOMINATED ALBUM "All One Tribe". This is the music video for this children's song written and performed by the artist Cheri Moon aka SNOOKNUK as she travels around to spread the universal message from her single "We Are All The Same". This music video is directed by William Wayne who most recently directed the feature film thriller "Lost Angelas".

"Faraway" - Harmony Oluwaseun Adesola, Benjamin Edwards

(Canada, Music Video, 4mins)

The music video follows the busy life of Harmz as his assistant is trying to remind him of all his deadlines and events he has to attend starting with a performance of one of his songs from his new album, at Neptune Theatre. 

"Pray" - Joe Chang

(Canada, Animation, 5mins)

The film is about an artist's real life and pious prayers.

"Embrace" - Jacquile Kambo

(Canada, Short Film, 4:30mins)

Arty, a faceless and well dressed man gets ready for his date until he meets his younger self who makes things complicated.

"New Life" - Jermaine Coles

(USA, Short Film, 10mins)

In this short film, there is one story line that is told using multiple decades of time: 1865, 1935, 1968, 1977, and 2022. The plot is centered around forbidden love that turns into rekindled fire once the two are reunited . Things seems to be going well until the woman entertains the attention of another in the man's absence.

The man is consumed with anger and resentment after confronting the woman. Unable to fight off negative emotions, the man also gives into temptation and infidelity. After realizing that holding on to bitterness is like drowning alone at sea, the man "sees the light." The two them find redemption through the power of forgiveness.

'Splitting Image" - David A. Walker

(Canada, Short Film, 8:45mins)

An inspirational story about a son following the positive image of his father

"Til It Blooms" - Wendy Xu

(Canada, Short Film,10mins)

In the face of uncontrollable sorrow, an emotionally-constipated father desperately suppresses a "grief flower" sprouting from his face before his big speech at his own father's funeral.

"Victim" - Yongjia Huang, Yeni Chen

(Canada, Short Film, 5mins)

An innocent lady was framed in an unthinkable way after she had been stolen by a thief. Everything happened in three minutes only.

"One Little Link" - Marzia Kamyabi Chambers

(Canada, Short Film, 8mins)

In a dysfunctional family, Igor lies to his young niece, Ava, to take over the family home. When she learns the truth, his plan falls apart.

"Junior" - AJ Wilhelm

(USA, Documentary, 11mins)

Gifted as a teenager, Jérôme “Junior” Simeon was recruited by top Haitian roots music group “Racine Mapou de Azor” and spent 20 years touring the world. When the lead singer of his band dies unexpectedly Junior’s high-profile career comes to a shocking halt and he suddenly faces an uncertain future for himself and his legacy.

"On the Fence" - Paula Ner Dormiendo

(Canada, Short Film, 6mins)

“On The Fence” follows several intertwined conversations with a group of multicultural individuals and their struggle with identity.

"Freedom Greater than Love" - Robert Merz

(USA, Music Video, 5mins)

"Freedom Greater Than Love" is a new original music and video composition portraying a world social justice anthem. It is performed by the group, One Right, a collaboration of top Philly & NY musical talent whose goal is to inspire and start a conversation. Our sound is rooted in the long-standing hip hop and r&b genres of our cities. We favor insightful lyrics and smooth melodies. Our debut single, 'Freedom Greater Than Love', presents a social justice anthem inspired by the world's desire for a just and free society for its people. The imagery accompanying the song takes the format of a simple travelogue photo album that is easily understood by anyone who is anywhere in the world.


"Decomposing" - Nessa Aref

(Canada, Short Film, 9mins)

Four friends find a body on a girls trip. Too bad that's not the only things that's rotten.

"The Smell of Mango" - Andressa Back

(Canada, Short Film, 8mins)

The smell of mango provokes a journey of nostalgia in Dolores, a Colombian immigrant in Canada, lost in-between times and spaces, expecting a baby while coping with her mother’s inevitable passing.

"We Don't Need your Kind" - Kennedy Kao

(Canada, Short Film, 12mins)

Set during the pandemic, Sara - an Asian-Canadian Youtuber - finds a slur spray painted on her door. Searching for solutions, Sara realizes an action that deals with the slur in an impactful way.

April 19, 20
April 21, 22
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