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Hector Almeida

To Estaban

Gregorio, Dolores and Zoila are three elders excited about the arrival of a new member to the family; Esteban, their great-grandson. Through the memories of their ancestors, they narrate themes of loneliness, love, union, loss, and hope. They search through their belongings for a special gift to leave to a future Esteban, who may never know them as an adult. The short film itself is a gift that will make them endure in their family history.

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Mia Golden

Tied to a Lie

Documentary looking at the impact of sexual exploitation, sex trafficking and gang recruitment on today's youth.

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ZhiMin Hu

The Teacup

A teacup triggers an immigrant's memories and nostalgia. How she deals with this past affects her perspective on her childhood, her family, and her future.
The Teacup is a poignant exploration of the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring bonds of family, reminding us that even in our darkest moments, the seeds of redemption and reconciliation can bloom, transforming shattered dreams into rays of hope.

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Saeed Mayahy, Miriam Carlsen

Game Over

In a basement in Istanbul a group of illegal Afghan teenage boys are determined to smuggle themselves into Europe – a utopia far away. Caught in the no-man's land between childhood and adulthood they fearlessly play a dangerous game of destiny over and over again. But at what cost?

In an underground basement, Mo and Ali live with 30 other boys. As the place is crammed, they spend their awakening hours outside moving around the streets and parks of Zeytinburnu, always on the go, to avoid being caught by the police. Left with no one but themselves to look after one another, their incredible strength and yet extreme vulnerability surface side by side in the no-man's land between childhood and adulthood. Fearlessly, they play a dangerous game of destiny over and over again, determined to smuggle themselves into Europe – a utopia far away.

They have all lost so much, they are willing to jeopardize everything to win the dreamy prize of safety and freedom. But at what cost?

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Damola Layonu

The Sting

Erica conscripts friends, Leah and Clarence on a mission to catch her allegedly unfaithful boyfriend, Sean in the act.

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Vivian Cheung

For Roy

Inspired by true events, an imaginative Asian-Canadian girl attempts to fold a thousand cranes as she learns to lose her father during his final days in the hospice.

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Jonah Kozlowski


A grandmother. A source of existence. A portal to other worlds. For thousands of years, the Indigenous Peoples of what is now known as North and South Dakota co-existed reciprocally with the Missouri River, its waters offering life while also inspiring legends and languages. In Tahnaanooku’, filmmaker Justin Deegan takes an experimental approach to the severing of this relationship between his community — the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara — and the river, the result of over 80 years of US government efforts to control the Missouri, including via the Garrison Dam.

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Yifan Xiang

Strangers Under My Skin

An old, blind painter living life alone in his trailer, during whose last breaths, suddenly regains his vision and picks up his painting brush, fantasizing about his younger self and his lovers, dying after his last strokes.

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Jean Frenette

Deja Vu

John is convinced he’s been on this planet for longer than his lifetime.

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Alvin Yu


This feeling of knowing more than what meets the eye troubles him deeply.

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Daniel Croix


To find some peace of mind, he decides to consult an hypnotherapist to dive into his subconscious and get some clarity.

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Samuel Di Blasi


This leads him to find some truth in his beliefs: the one that he has been living through multiple bodies, for centuries.

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