Inspirational Griot  Award 2017 - "Mariner"

Mariner is a taut and unsettling drama about an ambitious marine navigation cadet on the verge of cracking during his final exams. The recruit is haunted by an incident from his past — and fights to find a way to turn his personal demons into a source of strength. 

Dir. - Thyrone Tommy

Emerging Lens Festival Fav - "Deeply Rooted" 

Cazhhmere is a proud Canadian. Her ancestors were among the first black settlers to come to Canada — her family has spent hundreds of years weaving itself into the fabric of our nation. Despite this deep history, Cazhhmere is constantly questioned about where she is originally from.

Best Emerging Music Video - "The Realist - Chudi Harris"

“The Realest I” relives the struggles of a black woman in her daily experiences. It aims to highlight the obstacles she is forced to encounter such as losing a friend/companion to gun violence, sexual assault, and developing addiction as a coping mechanism. Throughout the entire video the viewer will feel the trauma and turmoil she endures, ending with the search for redemption, self-love and acceptance.

Dir. Keke Beatz

Best Animation - "Life Smart Phone"

The phenomenon of increasing Smartphone Addicts can be attributed to today’s cutting-edge technology. Staring at the Smart phone or I-pad all the time and focusing on a small corner of life instead of exploring the vast expanse of life, people are gradually alienating themselves from the richness, the depth and extraordinary loveliness of life. This microfilm, Life of Smartphone Addicts, with its satirical and humorous style, serves to depict the current social situation and give people a chance to be introspective

Dir. Xie Chenglin

Youth Inspirational Awards

Keke Beatz

The name Keke came from my older brother,father & mother because they always call me keke. I had four names so far, Madkeyz, King Of Dubz, DubbzyDubz, Dubbzy & now KekeBeatz. Beatz just came from my occupation and what I'm good at. Thats the story.


MAJE is a hip hop artist hailing from East Preston, who founded the group “Gentlemen Mafia” as a way to portray how he feels as a black man, a sentiment shared by many in the community. Most recently he was the Winner of the Viola Desmond Songwriter Contest, a pivotal moment in his career. With clothing line, school performances and a mixtape on the way, MAJE continues to push forward with his music and encourages youth to follow their dreams.

MAJE is a hip hop artist hailing from East Preston, who founded the group “Gentlemen Mafia” as a way to portray how he feels as a black man, a sentiment shared by many in the community. Most recently he was the Winner of the Viola Desmond Songwriter Contest, a pivotal moment in his career. With clothing line, school performances and a mixtape on the way, MAJE continues to push forward with his music and encourages youth to follow their dreams.

Tyler Simmonds 

Tyler Simmonds is a Canadian film director, actor, and writer. At an early age Tyler began discovering his creative talents. He became very infatuated with the art of filmmaking, and creative writing. Like many other creatives Tyler uses his creative expression to help him cope with his obstacles. He decides to use his many talents to inspire others, to help bring awareness to struggles of the world and to let individuals know they are not alone.

Best Student Short Film - "Sit down, Rise Up"

Sit Down, Rise Up, is a visual exploration of the struggle between individualism vs. established social norms. It delves into the importance of social unity and sacrifice when it comes to rebellion, all through the use of music and percussion

Dir. Paul Daniel Torres

Audience Choice Awards

"Mother's Embrace" 

A child with his brother are alone at home. his brother is a newborn baby. Newborn baby starts to crying. He find a strange decision to calm his newborn brother down

Dir. Sina Aubi


Ladies, why do we always ignore the signs when a brother comes mackin'; we can practically be handed the warning label of his past, ignore it and still go home with him.

Dir. & story by Tara Lynn Taylor

Screenplay by Andrew Mortimer

"Hustle & Heart"

Hunter makes the high school football team as the back-up quarterback but things get tense when hist first pass is aimed at the star

Dir. Koumbie T-T

"Random Number"

Blossom is still heart broken after the loss of her mother. She contemplates how she'll cope with the loss.

Dir. Jennie Cyril

Best Emerging Short Film - "Its Not Your Fault"

It’s Not Your Fault is a short movie about the violence of online comments made towards Indigenous people, specifically Indigenous Women, children and 2 Spirit people. Bringing attention to the negligence of online/social media outlets allowing hate speech in Canada.

Dir. Raven Davis

Best Music Video - "Watch It Burn"

Shot during a snowstorm, this video takes the title concept literally, with Tasha wielding a flamethrower to light a raging bonfire while fireworks explode in the night sky. Think Kanye West at the Brits 2015, but way more turnt up.

Dir. Colin Cooper

Pitch Award Winner - Martha Mutale

Canada 150 – Song writing contest winner – The AceMan “I'm in Luv wit Hali”

Honorable Mentions - These films were top notch! We wish we could screen all!


“New Neighbours: – E.G. Bailey

“The Homeless Prayers Project” – Hannah Duran

“The House” – Tyson Animation

“Sanvi” – Shivani Srivastava

“Angel’s Walk” – Brian Few Jr.

“I am the Best” – Vincent Bonin

“Bad Girl” – Alex Preston

“Rosen Marching for Abolition” – Catherine Tissier

“Silence of Art” – Yigit Kucukkibar

“The Lighthouse Butcher” – Jean Bernard

“Lanky Lad” – Helen Dean

“Addison Lane” – Yuka Sano

“Khanak” – Kiran Chavan

“The Rise of UK Music in Atlanta” – Richi Fingerz

“Jamala 1944” – Gulinoz Javodava

“Black Barbie” – Comfort Arthur

“Jukebox” – Bouslama Chamakh

“It was Further Enacted” – Elizabeth Obisanya

“Life Between Borders: Black Immigrants in Mexico" - Ebony bailey

“Dreadlocks Story” – Linda Ainoche

“Flight of Hope” – Vinay Pujara

“Dark Brown Eyes” – Yasmin Bertew

“Karolay, a Tierrabomba story” – David Covo Camacho

“Pellanco, the Artisan” - David Covo Camacho

“She never felt the cold” – JD Gardener

“I am Isak” – Tony Zosherafatain

“hornZ” – Anna Dukhonina

“Take a breath of the Moment” – Arnau Espejo Figuerola

“Marine Drive” – Adam Hollin

“The Collector” – Mai Lasan

“The Last Jaguar” – Luciano Nacci

“Thrill over Fear” – John Katehis

the campnilesaeed noohi 

delete all”  mohammadali rakhshani 

Playing with buttons”  hermes mangialardo 

4ever  hermes mangialardo 

Dirty Roses   Petra Terzi 

The belief Amir Vahedi 

Bi-PolarLily Lizotte 

Ambrosia”  Som Chakraborty 

Good Hair”  Fray Forde 

Steppin'Out”  Silvia Alfei 

DreamGolnaz Moghaddam

Night Night”   Golnaz Moghaddam

‘Before Me”  Jith Paul

“The Women of Archangel Michael”  Vahan Ishkhanyan 

The Choice Frederico Brígida 

Vitiligo”   HipStory Films 

You Ci Ke (有刺客)  Eileen NTU 

The Last Tear " Christopher H.K. Lee 

ArchipelagoVirus Mecánico 

SidewaysAniruddha Pande 

Momentum  Isabella Rogl 

Aahe Nila Saila  Birenjyoti Mohanty 

The Importance Of Giving C S Prakhyat 

Migration”   Joanne Chao 

INTO THE VOID”  Freddy Aung 

Tidal WavesKristina Wong 

Ghetto Situations” tebogo chologi 

REZilience  Jayson Stewart 

AnorMal”   Luis Galán 

Knowing”  Freddie Lau 

I am a crab" - Valerie prunier 

Car Wars”  Arun Sripadam 

Nakusha- Imran Gani

Not Yet”   Chad Hamilton 

A doodle story “ - Tony Taliaferro 

The Ballerina “  Lucas Argenta 

RIEMANN”  Tathagata Ghosh 

Darker than black”    Hassan Mokhtari 

“The Day Before Chinese New Year” - Canzhao Lam

BlueMaryam Farahzadi 

Life is lifeless”  Zanyar Muhamadineko 

Better than garbage"  Robert Misovic 

Semi - Finalists

Chateau Laurier”by JAMES STEWAR 

Future is irrevocableby Lucila Riggio 

A Long Way Home”by Ibër Deari 

The Lessonby juben shaikh 

“The Curious Case of Black Economic Empowerment” - Kalala Kapay

So Long Slongby Nicole Stanley 

Analogby Ludovic Dufresne 

Deus é Amor (Versions in English, Portuguese and Italian)”by Christian Franz Tragni

she is boy “by imam syafi'i 

Summer Camp”by robert gordon 

NAKED FOOTby azam khan 

IN GOD WE TRUST” by Elefterios Zacharopoulos 

Sofia, the legend of green watersby NanoFilm Producciones 

He's Rooftop Afternoons”by He Xu 

Sad Religion” by Calyx Passailaigue 

The Wrap Party”by Calyx Passailaigue 

DARK WATERSby Tobi Aubel 

This is our Africa - This is us”by Michael van Zyl 

Its me...by Aayan Rabbani 

Night Walkby Neely Goniodsky 

Labelledby Megan McClennon 

Jesus Christ: Man or Myth?by Christian Robinson 

Never Without My Dentureby Hugo Favre 

Independentby Funmi Adetola

‘”Gayberhoodby Tony Taliaferro 

I AM Hiphopby Tony Taliaferro 

There was a placeby Irene Garcés 

010101by blanc barbara 


Black & Whiteby Anuj Ramachandran

River & Oak” by James Malekzadeh 

Culture Shotby zhen yee khor 

Redemption: Between the Linesby Jackie Magdaleno 

bethi bachao (save girl child)by Kishor Howale 

Toy houseby Natasha Danilevskaya 

The Invisible Boyby Fabio Bozzetto 

The Fisherman of Lesbosby Nikolia Apostolou 

Repercussionsby Aren Devlin

INKSIDE FonkyPoulpby stephane chung 

Under The Rock”by A Mishr 

The Red Rose”by A Mishr 

Miles Awayby Lily Lizotte

C'est Moiby Howard Davis 

Monalisaby Leah Webb 

"Celebrate Canada" Exploring Our National Parks by Sarah (Piper) King 

"True North" Music Video by Sarah (Piper) King 

One Too Many” by Sinead Stoddart 

war Or peaceby kayvan sarvari

Intangible Bodyby Emelie Mahdavian 

Objectificationby Tanya Maier 

The BOXby Arun Sripadam 

The Big Classby Marie-Lou Béland