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"Pitch a Film, Make A Film"

The Emerging Lens Cultural Film Festival’s Pitch Competition is back for its 12th year! This exhilarating and unique event allows contestants 5 mins to pitch their best ideas to a panel of judges made up of Creative Industry Professionals in a constructive and friendly environment. The winning pitch will have their film shot that very same day by a professional camera crew (Changing the Narrative Studios). We will have an information session for performers by ACTRA Maritimes.

The event will take place at the North Branch Memorial Library on April 23, 2022. Free to enter. The winning filmmaker, crew and actors will receive an honorarium for their participation and will own the rights to their created content.

“A Quiet Place” Pitch Example -

“Imagine a world where dangerous creatures have killed most of the human race, leaving just a small percentage of the population left in hiding, struggling to survive — only these survivors can’t make a single sound because the quietest noise instantly attracts the creatures. My script is called ‘A Quiet Place’ and tells the story about a post-apocalyptic world where a family is forced to live in silence while hiding from monsters with ultra-sensitive hearing. It all builds to the final moment of the wife having to give birth while her family has left her alone. And she has to do it in silence to avoid triggering the creature’s sensitive hearing. And the father has to sacrifice his own life to save his children by drawing the creatures away from them with a scream! It’s ‘War of the Worlds’ meets ‘Hush.’"


There will be six pitching slots and one winning team per film type.

You must come prepared with a script for a 30 sec - 5min short film, commercial or documentary. No adaptations are allowed unless the original idea is your own.

Date: April 23, 2022

Time: 10am – 5pm

Place: North Branch Memorial Library – Gottigen Street, Halifax

Please arrive 15mins early to your confirmed Pitch Session. At check in, we will register your team. Our Pitch Competition is relaxed and run differently from most. Once the Pitch Session begins the door will be locked to avoid distraction to those pitching. After the Judges are introduced, we begin the Pitches without interruption. Your name will be called. Your Pitch is given. The Judges give feedback after each Pitch and you may ask a few brief questions, time permitting. At the end of the Session, the Winners of the Session are announced and given instructions for the filming of their idea. There will be an opportunity for networking during the lunch break.

No props, no theatrics, no screenplays, no teleplays, no business cards, no handouts and no recordings. If you wish to share business cards, please do so at the break, not during the Pitch Session. We thank you for respecting this request.

You may introduce yourself and give the title and genre of your project. You do not have to, but it will help the Judges to know what type of project you are pitching.

You are not timed until after your introduction, name and type of project, then you are timed 5 minutes on your Pitch. Feedback and questions are separate.

Deadline to submit your form is April 15, 2022 at 11:59pm.

Please submit here.

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