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"Bigger Than my Body" - Andre Fenton
"Buddy Day"- Meaghan Ryan 
Meaghan Ryan, granddaughter of Buddy "Delmar" Daye, recaps and reminisces the inspirational memories of her grandfather. 
"Across the Line" - Floyd Kane 

"Magit's Doll"
Ann Verrall
"Divine Healing" 
Tara Taylor - Isaac
"Unsung Heroes"- Pink Dog Productions
"North Preston - A Look Past Stigma" -
Arta Rexhepi
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Cory Bowles
"Hannah's Story" - Juanita Peters
Cory Bowles  
produced by Ann Verrall
created by Magit Poulette, students of We’koqom’a Mi’kmaw School, Rob Smith Lindsay Dobbin and Ann Verrall

Elder Magit Poulette shares a story with students at the We’koqom’a Mi’kmaw School in Waycobah Cape Breton about her experience at the Shubinacadie Residential School. When she arrived at age four her doll was taken away from her so she created dolls from her cleaning rags. As an adult Magit searched for a doll that reminded her of the doll that was stolen from her. Magit tells her story and teaches students how she made her rag dolls. 

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Local poets and musicians perform while stories are told by veterans that remember the forgotten soldiers of African and Mi’kmaq descent.

“Part of telling these stories is saying that it can change. Because it has,” Harwood-Jones says, referring to what she says is Canada’s unspoken past of cultural discrimination.

What Harwood-Jones refers to is the mistreatment of African Canadian soldiers during the World Wars.

For example, as Harwood-Jones points out, British and American Commanders banned soldiers of African descent from marching with white soldiers during the Paris Liberation of 1944.

Harwood-Jones says she feels that Canadian history has neglected to tell the story of African Nova Scotians, Mi’kmaq, and other ethnic peoples. To make up for this lack of history, Unsung Heroes tells stories about discrimination and cruelty so to educate today’s generations about the importance of tolerance in our community.

My cameraman had to leave, it was early evening and I was standing outside in North Preston waiting to get in the school. And for a moment I felt scared, I felt scared that my gear was going to get stolen. Once I went inside the school to do the story, everyone was super welcoming. I was blown away. It was absolutely nothing I thought it was, I didn’t get robbed. So I caught myself having these stereotypes and I decided I was going to do my major project on North Preston, the stigma of the community. It was no easy task. A white girl trying to do a documentary on the community. They all feared I was going to portray them negatively as the community has been portrayed in the past. It took a lot of work and effort convincing the community that this was their chance to show what the community is all about. At the same time I made sure they understood that I couldn’t portray it as the perfect place, because yes it has issues and problems – but I wanted to show the community as a whole for what it really is. 
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At the age of 5, Hannah Taylor spotted her first homeless person in the back alleys of Winnipeg. This experience not only troubled her, but it drove her to do nothing less than change the world. The Ladybug Foundation, the charity Hannah helped establish, has raised over a million dollars to date. With her huge heart and can-do attitude, she preaches a simple message of "Share a little of what you have and always care about others." As this short documentary proves, we all have a lot to learn from Hannah's story. 
"Across the Line", tells the story of a young African Canadian man who has hopes and the skills to make it in the NHL. The only thing standing in his way is circumstance. Inspired by real events, this compelling drama mixes the age old story of dreaming big with some of today’s most topical youth issues to deliver a one-two punch that will leave you breathless. Shot entirely in Dartmouth, "Across the Line" is written by Floyd Kane and stars Stephen James, Sarah Jeffery and Shamier Anderson.
"The Clever Wife" - "“The Table, the Donkey, and the Knobbly Stick"  - Studio Black!
Take four stories from Black Nova Scotia. Add a seven member, all Black ensemble cast, of which each cast member can play several roles - sometimes in the same episode. Add three Black Nova Scotian directors. Mix it all up in the Black Box of CBC’s Studio 1. What do you get? STUDIO BLACK! Because of the manner in which the stories were collected some 96 years ago, we know the very names of the storytellers and where they lived in Nova Scotia. In a world where most of the stories we hear come from ‘somewhere else’, how wonderfully refreshing and exciting it is to have these young and enthusiastic actors so proudly interpret and perform stories from their own backyard.

"It's All About the Love "- Ryan Gannon

The All About LOVE two part doc made in partnership with Leave Out Violence and Four Corner Entertainment exploring the lives of two former love( leave Out Violence Nova Scotia) youth thought a sit down interview as well as archived footage from LOVE to touch on how the program has impacted their life in a positive manner. also this doc touches on where life has taking them as well as advice for anybody who would like to join the Leave Out Violence group.
"Lucinda's Magical Locket"  - Deanna Sparks
Lucinda’s Magical Locket is about a 10 yr old girl named Lucinda who wears a magical locket. When her locket glows it means a child is in need of help. Lucinda has a sidekick name GIGI a magical butterfly who takes Lucinda on her adventures.  

In this episode Lucinda helps a little boy name Aaron who is being bullied in the playground.
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"Various Music Videos"- Keke Beatz
Featuring music video's from Maje  and Young Socrates, Cunny Ross and Mikaela States, D'Avion Provo and Luii-V, Kiddo,  produced and directed by Keke Beatz Films
"Everything is Something" by Official Night Owls"

Music Video featuring KEM4N produced by Kirk Ovie